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Azure Stack – Add-AzsGalleryItem – Code = InternalServerError

Azure Stack - Add-AzsGalleryItem - Code = InternalServerError Recently we came across a case from a customer where they were trying to import some custom Gallery Items and… Learn more →
HP Version Control Repository Manager 7.5 will not update from HP I worked on a customer site lately and I noticed that there was no suitably ranked article so here is… Learn more →
Find Duplicate GUIDs in Active Directory The code sample below will show machines that have duplicate GUIDs in Active Directory:- [codesyntax lang="powershell" title="Get-DuplicateGUIDs.ps1"] function IsDuplicateGUID {… Learn more →
ExtnProv provider started with result code 0x80041013 extnprov.dll I recently assisted a client with a very specific issue which was stopping the SCCM Console from loading. During my… Learn more →
Inventory Microsoft SQL Server Information with Configuration Manager 2012 Accurately inventory and report on Microsoft SQL Server Instances with SCCM 2012 It is ironic that Configuration Manager provides such… Learn more →
Add pop-ups to MIM / FIM Home Page and Navigation Bar Links Welcome. MIM/FIM does not allow pop-ups for links which are specified in the Home Page and Navigation bar resources. This… Learn more →
Adding custom Javascript files to Microsoft Identity Manager Welcome. This tutorial will guide a FIM/MIM administrator on the steps required to introduce a custom JavaScript file and dependency… Learn more →
Adding a When Modified Time Stamp to Identity Manager Resources Welcome. Unfortunately FIM/MIM does providea last modified datestamp and so this tutorial will guide a FIM/MIM customizer through the steps… Learn more →
Extracting LDAP Searches from Domain Controllers That million dollar migration question. Who is talking to my Domain Controllers and what are they saying? These questions are… Learn more →
Client Activity Information Refresh in the Configuration Manager Console I had someone ask me if Configuration Manager was broken today because the clients hardware inventory date stamp was taking… Learn more →
Writing Custom ForeFront Identity Manager Reports Introduction:- I have had the opportunity to work with ForeFront Identity Manager for a long time and in all that… Learn more →
Active Directory Group Manager for Configuration Manager 2012 Ultimately it becomes a choice of trading deployment speed for system performance but with Group Manager it doesn't have to… Learn more →
WMI Error 0x80070721 when connecting through a trust I recently assisted a client with a very specific WMI issue which was blocking access to a specific server across… Learn more →
ActiveRoles Provisioning Script to set next available Unix / Linux UID or GID This script works off the OnPostCreate event handler for Group and User objects. Set the minimum UID and GID number… Learn more →
Disabling TLS/SSL renegotiation in Configuration Manager 2012 I recently assisted a client with a very specific issue blocking client communication to the Configuration Manager 2012 Management Points.… Learn more →