I had someone ask me if Configuration Manager was broken today because the clients hardware inventory date stamp was taking a long time to update in the Configuration Manager Console.

Specifically I refer to the information shown in the image below:-


The inventory information was in the resource explorer but not being reflected here.

Firstly there is a delay of roughly 24 hours between the actual inventory operations (Hardware Inventory, Software Scan, Policy Request etc.) and the console update.

The reason for this is because a stored procedure in the Configuration Manager Database (CH_SyncClientSummary) needs to execute before the v_CH_ClientSummary View is updated and it’s this view (well rather it’s WMI equivalent) which the SCCM Console ultimately queries.


To be 100% accurate the WMI Class that the console queries is actually called SMS_CombinedDeviceResources:-


However the SMS_CombinedDeviceResources View takes the inventory date stamps from the v_CH_ClientSummary View as discussed above anyway.

I am sure if Microsoft wanted us to run the CH_SyncCientSymmary Stored Procedure on a more frequent, custom schedule they would have added it to the tasks list within the site configuration. That being said I will take you through the low level steps / process involved:-

1 – Client performs a Hardware Inventory, Software Scan, Policy Request etc.


2 –  The Hardware Scan is reported and stored in the database


3 – The Hardware Scan is out of date in the v_CH_ClientSummary View (We could wait 24 hours)


4 – For the sake of this article I will manually kick off the CH_SyncCientSymmary Stored Procedure and we see the v_CH_ClientSummary View now has the up to date HW inventory scan date.


5 – And now in the console this information is reflected via the WMI select to the SMS_CombinedDeviceResources class


Next chance I get to ask a PFE i’ll try and get a more technical understanding of the delay but in the mean time “SCCM is not broken ;)”.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope this was informative / helpful.