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With the continued rise in the number and complexity of cyber-attacks, it is ever more important to have a strong focus on cybersecurity. SALT Technology Group work with our clients to define their risk profile and design suitable solutions which improve security and mitigate these risks.
Even if you have no idea of where to start, SALT can assist with a cybersecurity vulnerability assessment. This will provide you with a list of existing and potential issues within your organisation, and provide a prioritized action plan to improve your security posture.

Computer security

Microsoft Advanced Threat Analytics

Threat detection in minutes, so you can react in minutes

Redefine Resilience. Microsoft Advanced Threat Analytics (ATA) automatically detects cyber-attacks and insider threats and presents them on an easy to understand timeline. This real-time feed is constantly analyzed and prioritized which removes the need to create rules or dissect endless reports. ATA learns and analyzes your users’ behavior and identifies abnormal activities within your network. Quickly gain insight, make informed decisions, and respond in minutes… because every second counts.

  • $3.8 million -average cost of a data breach to a company
  • 146 days -median number of days an attacker resides within a network before detection
  • 63% -of all network intrusions are due to compromised user credentials
  • 1 in 5 -small and medium businesses are targeted in cybercrime attacks

Microsoft Advanced Threat Protection

Top of the line protection.

Threat intelligence is business intelligence. Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) leverages the full range of Microsoft’s latest products and services by taking their safest operating system yet (Windows 10), and adding cloud-powered data and security analytics. ATP uses Microsoft’s global data repository in combination with machine learning and behavior analytics to detect advanced threats and zero-day attacks.

  • Certified -Windows Defender ATP is ISO 27001 certified.
  • Cloud-powered -global reach and analytics through Microsoft’s robust cloud services
  • Investigate -easily explore the scope of a breach or suspicious behavior

Microsoft BitLocker

Control your data even when it’s out of your hands

If your data is stolen wouldn’t you want it to be encrypted? BitLocker is designed to encrypt hard drives and removable drives from your computer and make them unrecoverable without the correct password or recovery key. BitLocker can be used in combination with many other security solutions such as Muti-Factor Authentication. We want to help you lock down your environment, and adding layers of protection such as encryption does just that.

  • Security -better protect valuable information by encrypting all your data
  • Control -centrally manage encryption process, compliance, PIN and recovery keys
  • Layer -Combine BitLocker with other security solutions to improve your security posture

Microsoft Multi-Factor Authentication

Use another medium to authenticate your credentials

Is it really you? Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) requires users to provide multiple means of authentication before being granted access to a specific device, site, or network. MFA is most valuable when your credentials are stolen. If someone tries to use them, they will be prompted for a second level of authentication, such as a pin that was sent to your phone -without it, they will not be able to login with your credentials.

  • Available -in thousands of applications and included in some such as Office 365
  • Customizable - Chose who, what, when, and how to authenticate
  • Security -The extra layer of protection that can make all the difference

Microsoft Identity Manager

Threat intelligence is business intelligence

Microsoft Identity Manager (MIM) brings together identity and access management solutions like Active Directory on-premises and in the cloud to create one cohesive environment that allows for more secure and efficient management of users, credentials, certificates, application access, and device registration.

  • Productivity -increase user productivity and reduce noise for admins with user self-service
  • Security –provide conditional access policies that mitigate risk without disruption
  • Cloud-ready -built to secure your modern hybrid infrastructure
  • Flexible -easily add and manage additional identity access management tools

Enterprise Mobility Management

Cloud-powered mobile application and device management

Microsoft Intune gives your team access to everything they need to work from anywhere without sacrificing security. Have the power to manage policies by user, location, device, and app without affecting productivity. Prompt users for credentials when necessary to insure only those with the proper permissions and devices are accessing valuable company information.

  • Risk management -protect company data by quickly and remotely wiping stolen devices
  • Productivity –your team can work securely from anywhere on any device
  • Security -control access by user, location, device, and app
  • Power BI
  • Power BI
  • Power BI
  • Power BI
  • The largest proponent to the success of our technology transition is the knowledge and skill of SALT Technologies. Their engineers have pushed us towards becoming a completely Microsoft dependent IT environment that our end users are loving more-and-more each day. We are grateful for the team at SALT.
    John Thistle Information Systems Sr. Manager, Fosters Food Fair – IGA
  • SALT Technology Group has distinguished itself as a top partner, exemplifying the remarkable expertise and innovation we see in our Microsoft partner community to deliver transformative solutions.
    Gavriella Schuster Corporate Vice President, One Commercial Partner, Microsoft Corp

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